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Marketing 101

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    Sedky Haider

Ok, just to start out, these words aren't mine. One of my intelligent colleagues Emma Kriskinans shared this gem with me. Talk about a great leader! I couldn't let all this great knowledge sit in a dark, lonely Slack channel, unconnected with the wider world.

Here is a crash-course to business, marketing, and general 101s in how to build a business and think about customers.

Some business books I love - some more marketing than others. Also marketing is a very broad discipline - it can cover go-to-market strategy, product positioning, brand positioning, messaging + strategy, competitor analysis, product-market fit, partner strategy, distribution strategy as well. as the usual promotional activities (campaigns, events, social media, press - these are only a very small part of the marketing mix, though very important)

Obviously Awesome: How to nail product positioning so that customers get it, love it, buy it - she is AMAZING, [...] She literally wrote the book on positioning (this is it) but you can also find some talks she did on YouTube

Influence - the Psychology of Persuasion - this book is really interesting in its own right but also speaks a lot about why people become persuaded to do/buy certain things.

Life lessons from an ad man - This is more the advertising side of marketing. Rory Sutherland is a legend, [..] he really gets the psychology and emotion behind good marketing/creative, and he always gives an entertaining talk. This is a pretty broad, 10 min one, but you can find longer and more specific ones of his on YouTube

Let my people go surfing - I just finished this and I loved it. I had no idea about the whole story behind Patagonia. What stands out is how their mission and purpose drives their entire brand, as well as business. It's in every single part. Cut them and they bleed their purpose! [...]

Have you read any of these? Share your opinion, is there an order to this list's greatness ?